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What Is “The Four Percent” and Who Are The Four-Percenters

I strongly recommend you read this entire page first (especially The Pledge and The Plan sections) but if you prefer to watch a video to learn more about The Four Percent Click Here, enter your email, watch the full explanation video then follow the simple steps to apply.

Have you heard of the 80/20 principle?

This applies in virtually every area of life. Let’s say if 100 people want to become financially free (say their goal is to create a $10,000 per month income) – 80% of them (80 people) will just talk about it. They will take no action. 20% of them (20 people) will take “some” action.

What most people don’t realize is that there’s the 80/20 within the top 20%.

So out of these 20 people now here’s what will happen:

80% of them (16 people) will dabble, kick the tires, try things out. They might even work hard and come across as being “busy” trying to do stuff. In reality these folks never get the result they want.


They do what’s “convenient” and nothing more. They also have no strategy for getting where they want to go.

20%, however, (4 people) will do whatever it takes to achieve their target – $10,000 per month.

These folks (the four percenters) are super dedicated and don’t tolerate average.

They don’t make excuses. They don’t look for reasons why something might not work. They MAKE things work. They work very strategically and create their own economy.

Research shows that these four-percenters earn around 95-97% of all the income that’s being earned in any given industry. These folks have the most amazing life styles and also contribute the most.

The Vision

The Four Percent Group was created for one purpose:

Help ordinary become extraordinary, turn average into great and struggling into thriving.

This group was founded on one simple idea: how can we take anybody from the street with no experience, no marketing skills but a burning desire to succeed and turn them into an iconic success story in record time?

The ONLY way that would be possible is through what we call a “systematic process”.

The simple reality is that systems work and people fail.

Once accepted into the Four Percent Group, you will get the highest level trainings available anywhere in the direct-sales / network marketing / affiliate marketing space as well as be able to use our world class complete “business in-a-box” Done-For-You systems and funnels that sell different products *for* you systematically and get you paid. It just doesn’t get any simpler that that. There is, however, one thing that we are very adamant about. Please go on and read “The Plan”.

The Plan

Our plan is simple but it’s not for the average.

If you are not 1000% committed to becoming a Four-Percenter then please close this page, this is not for you.

If you consider yourself average and you don’t intent on changing, this is not for you.

If you are not willing to do whatever it takes to reach your highest goals, this is not for you.

There’s more, but we’ll talk about that little later.

Anyway, so here’s the plan:

STEP 1: SOLID GROUND: Let’s get your financial situation taken care of and get you on solid grounds financially FIRST so you don’t have to worry about money or bills. If your goal is $5K/mo, $10K or $30K/mo – the fastest way for you to hit that is to plug into an effective system that works and sells a combination of “big ticket”, mid-ticket and small-ticket products *for* you and gets you paid from multiple directions anywhere from CPA style commissions and up to $4,800 for every sale. All these products must compliment each other and work as an eco-system. The best part is with this step, there is no selling or personal branding on your side is required. The system does it all and gets you paid.

STEP 2: TRAFFIC: Your only job is fueling your marketing system with traffic (visitors), and we’ll teach you exactly how to get targeted visitors to your site daily.  We do all the marketing and you get paid.(all done for you sales funnels)

STEP 3: GROWTH: While the system is working hard *for* you generating you income, we are very adamant about turning YOU into an independent entrepreneur, a true Four-Percenter, where you never have to rely on anybody or anything or any system to make you successful long term. This is where you plug into our Four Percent Training System and learn how to create a true long term success.

So the idea is to help you earn while you learn and get you started immediately.

What’s required from you is a 1000% dedication and full commitment, a pledge, that you will do whatever it takes to become a true Four-Percenter that others can look up to and rely on.

That means SHOWING UP to live trainings, following the system, doing the work and implementing what you’re learning fast making no excuses.

Yes, our system is amazing and makes big money for those who use it, and even though it will not be taken away from you as long as you’re a member, we don’t want you to rely on it for the rest of your life. Make sense? We want you to become an independent entrepreneur. A true Four-Percenter.


Before joining our group, it is very important that you pledge and commit to the following:

I pledge to do whatever it takes to become a true Four-Percenter in business and marketing.

I will be a team player others can rely on. I will engage and show up for every webinar, training, team event and meeting. I will invest time and money and will do whatever it takes to become a true Four-Percenter and the next great success story that will inspire others.

I pledge to do whatever it takes to become a true Four-Percenter in my family life.

I will invest time, money, resources and care with my family to ensure we have an amazing family life. I will create time for my family and loves ones by applying the systems and trainings from the four percent group.

I pledge to do whatever it takes to earn an income of a true Four-Percenter.

I will follow the plan and trainings to the “T” and will take all ethical actions necessary to earn an income of a true Four-Percenter. I commit to learn the skills necessary to ensure that I’m able to reach my income goals. I will no longer settle for income that just allows me to barely get by. I will commit 1000% to creating an income of a true Four-Percenter.

I pledge to do whatever it takes to have a physical life of a true Four-Percenter.

I commit to taking care of my physical health. I commit to invest time and energy in taking care of my physical condition daily. I will properly feed and exercise my body so that it is in the best physical condition possible so that I can feel great and be an example to others.

I pledge to do whatever it takes to have a recreational life of a true Four-Percenter.

I commit to creating time and money to fund my Four-Percenters recreational moments for me and my family.

I am committed to creating time and money to fund these activities without going into debt. I’m 1000% committed to being a true Four-Percenter in every area of my life.

> I’m Ready, Let’s go! <<



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The four percent review by Eduard W.

Everyday I see people struggling to get to work, being a part of the “rat race”.. and I have to ask, why? We are in the digital age.. we are all on the internet and it’s a powerful thing and also a money making solution.
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